My VA Won't Help Me!

"The Walking Veteran"





My problems began in mid-2010.  After repeated visits to the VA in Prescott, AZ it was determined I was suffering from an unknown episode of severe inflammation. I was eventually given steroid injections. I took a leave of absence from work and eventually had to quit, I never returned to work.


  1. Debilitating Fatigue.
  2. Feeling Terrible 24/7 - (Flu Like Symptoms).
  3. Balance/Coordination Problems – While little more than an annoyance, in the beginning, I now use a walker, grab bars, or a wheelchair when in motion.


My illness has gone into remittance three times since 2010. Since recurring in 2012 there has been no remittance, and it has progressively gotten worse to include the following additional symptoms:


  1. Headaches.
  2. Depression.
  3. Mental Confusion.
  4. Loss of Strength.
  5. Blurred Vision.
  6. Balance - Coordination Problems – Dizziness - Vertigo
  7. Spasticity.
  8. Light Sensitivity.
  9. Noise Sensitivity.
  10. Loss of Dexterity.
  11. Slurred Speech.
  12. Loss of Mobility in Lower Extremities.
  13. Increase in Fatigue to the point of Debilitation.
  14. Left Ear Pain/Fullness.


In the last couple of months the following additional symptoms have emerged:

  1. Greater Degree of Slurred Speech.
  2. Inability to Pronounce Words - Loss of train of thought while speaking.
  3. Loss of Mobility in Upper Extremities